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Recruiting: Rutgers Scarlet Knights Eyeing Dunk Master Kwe Parker

Point guard Kwe Parker has the ability to change a basketball program. In the New Jersey/New York market, he would be a great addition to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are looking to get a highlight reel heavy on the dunks with 6-2, 172 pound shooting guard Kwe Parker out of High Point, North Carolina. If the Scarlet Knights head coach Eddie Jordan is successful in recruiting Parker, he could be the type of player who could change the basketball program in the 2016-2017 season.

To say Parker has real leaping abilities is an understatement. The athletic ability of Parker is going to have a lot of NBA scouts watching his game in person wherever he decides to go.

Despite his talented dunking ability, Parker does almost everything you would want in a young basketball player out of high school.

On offense, it is telling that some defenders are a bit hesitant at times to press Parker. Opposing defenders seem to give Parker some open space, commonly refraining from taking chances going for the steal at the risk of Parker using a crossover on them to get to the rim.

On fast breaks, Parker has explosive speed while going from forcing a turnover to an easy dunk. He’s a speedster and quick enough in transition to the point where the speed of the game at the college level shouldn’t be an issue for him at all. That would be the least of his worries.

Out on the perimeter, Parker is a solid three point shooter. His shooting form is quick and he has the ability to create space for himself with a step back jumper.

In terms of floor vision, Parker has above average awareness. He is really good at identifying where his center or power forward is when he decides to take the ball to the basket, utilizing his ability to draw attention from defenders and finish with a no look pass or a wrap-around pass in the process. Parker also has excellent timing when it comes to alley-oop passes, whether it is on the fast break or in transition offense.

With Parker's overall game, one of the things that is worth noting when watching him play is the fact he likes to hustle. Offensively or defensively, Parker gives his effort when he can. Despite being a point guard, Parker does like to get physical on both sides of the floor. On offense, Parker won’t hesitate to draw a foul driving to basket. On defense, Parker uses his leaping ability to block a lot of shots in the paint.

Parker is fearless. Parker doesn’t care if there is a power forward or a center in the paint he is going to try to grab rebounds and block shots. Especially given the fact that Parker is a point guard, those kind of plays can give a team a big spark. That kind of play shouldn’t go unnoticed. Especially during critical times over the course of a game and his teammates see the effort he brings. Those kind of plays can define a leader and even turn into momentum over the course of a game.

With all of that being said, it wouldn’t be a surprise at the college level if coaches try to protect him by not trying to take too much of a beating in the paint. All in all, Parker has the skills that puts fans in the seats and for a team like the Scarlet Knights, he would be a more than welcomed addition.