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Recruiting: Combo Guard Markelle Fultz Would Be A Gem For Maryland Terrapins

Maryland has done a good job over the last couple of years retaining their own home grown talent. Is Hyattsville's own combo guard Markelle Fultz next?

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The possibility of the Maryland Terrapins adding Dematha Catholic combo guard Markelle Fultz (Hyattsville, Maryland), a four star guard who has been offered by the team according to, would be just what the doctor ordered for Terrapins head coach Mark Turgeon. That holds especially true if sophomore point guard Melo Trimble decides to enter the NBA draft after the 2015-2016 season, as Fultz would be set to arrive in the 2016-2017 season to fill Trimble's void.

Fultz's game is what people would describe as just him being a pure basketball player. Despite Fultz's gifted talents, he also provides dirty work on both ends of the floor. He's willing to scrap and fight for the extra possession. When the opposing offense goes on a fast break, Fultz is able to read the opponents move before they make it, often forcing turnovers and creating an easy layup opportunity for himself and his teammates.

At 6-4, Fultz has shown the ability to be a point guard and a shooting guard both offensively and defensively. His size will create a lot of matchup problems at the college level and in turn he can take advantage of smaller guards by posting them up when the opportunity presents itself. Fultz also has great awareness in terms of when to distribute to his teammates and when to be aggressive. His vision on the court at times is beyond his years.

Whether it is looking for an open teammate in transition or splitting defenders to make a wrap around pass in the paint, Fultz's decision making is so quick at times that opposing defenses have no time to react. Sometimes it looks like Fultz is a senior in college playing against high school opponents.

Weighing at 170 pounds, Fultz isn't shy about contact in any way, shape, or form. In fact, by watching the film, it is a strength that he will build upon. No matter who is waiting for him in the paint, Fultz embraces the opportunity to draw a foul or take the ball to the basket strong with confidence. That style of play is the recipe for success in a physical conference like the Big 10.

What makes the game so easy for Fultz is the fact that he has excellent body control in traffic, thanks to being able to decipher what the defense is going to do ahead of time. Almost everything about Fultz's game is about being one step ahead of schedule. Also, despite not having the size of a center or a power forward, Fultz is physical with opposing big men by grabbing an offensive rebound and putting it back in the basket himself.

There will certainly be stiffer competition in the paint at the college level, but it is good to see a combo guard being willing to take punishment and dish it out as well. That is a trait that usually can't be taught. While some people think it can, they need to remember that there are power forwards and centers out there even at the NBA level who try to avoid contact. As Fultz gets stronger, it should be an even bigger strength for his game.

Last but certainly not least, Fultz also has a very respectable outside shot and what helps him with that is his quick release. The combination of his game both inside and out on offense will certainly keep opposing defenses honest.

If Fultz decides to spend his college days with the Terps, give a lot of credit to Turgeon, who has helped bring a basketball program back into the national spotlight with high profile players committing. The success Turgeon has found at Maryland has had recruits around the country taking notice of it, especially in the state of Maryland.