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2/2 Big Ten Recap: Iowa Beats OSU

Recap all the Big Ten action from Friday.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten only had one game on Friday, but it was an important game between Ohio State and Iowa. It was expected to be a tight game.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

Game of the Night:

-Iowa Hawkeyes 79, Ohio State Buckeyes 77

Despite drastically different routes, Iowa and Ohio State entered Friday’s game in pretty similar circumstances. Both were above .500, but only slightly, and were in dire position for an NCAA bid. While a turnaround was still possible, it would be an uphill climb to have a realistic shot at an at-large bid. That made Friday’s meeting particularly important.

The game was largely as billed. It was competitive throughout, with plenty of offense. Both teams finished well above 1.1 points per possession and there weren’t many stops. Things were eventually decided in the final few minutes as Iowa narrowly pulled out the win. Tony Perkins led the way with 20 points, seven rebounds, and four assists. Payton Sandfort also had 15 points.

Iowa improved to 13-9 overall and 5-6 in Big Ten play with the win. The Hawkeyes still face an uphill battle to make the NCAA Tournament, but the win keeps the team alive for at least another week or so. The key will be building off this win against a pretty manageable slate starting with Penn State on the road next Thursday.

On the other side, Ohio State fell to 13-9 overall and 3-8 in Big Ten play with the win. The loss keeps the Buckeyes winless on the road this season. In fact, the losing streak stretches back to January 1, 2023, so more than 13 months ago. It’s a shocking mark and a symbol of what’s going wrong for Ohio State over the last few weeks.

Unfortunately for Buckeye fans, this is looking a lot like last year. The team has now lost four straight and seven of the team’s last eight games. Ohio State hasn’t even beaten a top 100 opponent on KenPom since December 16th, when they edged out a mediocre UCLA squad. The struggles have derailed what once seemed like a promising season.

If Ohio State is going to turn things around, it has to start next week with Indiana and Maryland at home. Both games are winnable, but not with the way the Buckeyes have been playing as of late. Lose even one and the NCAA Tournament is probably gone. It will be an important test for Christ Holtmann and his squad.