Which Teams Could Make the All-Star Event in 2024?

The NBA All-Star Weekend is something that fans look forward to every year. In 2023, Team Giannis defeated Team Lebron 184-175 in the exciting NBA All-Star Game — but who will be playing in the 2024 All-Star weekend? Here, you can take a closer look at which players are most likely to be taking part in 2024 after the votes have been cast.

What is the NBA All-Star Weekend?

The NBA All-Star Weekend is an annual festival held every February during the middle of the NBA season. Here, lots of fun events take place, from a celebrity exhibition to the crowd-favorite NBA All-Star Game that happens on Sunday.

Before the NBA All-Star Game, there’s always anticipation surrounding which players will be playing. Twenty-four players take part in total — with the aim being to showcase the NBA’s best talent from each conference.

How are the players picked? Simple. It happens through the NBA All-Star draft.

  • Two captains are determined by the All-Star voting results

  • Each captain gets their team named after them (e.g., Team Giannis and Team Lebron in 2023)

  • The captains take turns selecting which talent they want from a pool of 22 players

On top of this, the two leading coaches from each conference will then be assigned to their respective teams. Once this process is complete, the teams are officially formed and ready to go.

Altogether, the NBA All-Star Weekend is a lot of fun and is designed to allow players to show off and have fun with the spectators in the stadium. The 2024 All-Star Weekend will be hosted by the Indiana Pacers at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. Right now, it’s possible to secure your access to the event (via a deposit) or join the waitlist. Tickets are quite expensive if you want the full experience — but they’re always worth it.

For the NBA fans watching from home, it’s just as fun. Usually, from Friday to Sunday, fans will tune in to watch all of the events that are taking place, especially popular ones like the celebrity game. In-between events, it’s also common for fans to play games on their smartphones and place a few bets. is a fun option for NBA fans who like online casino games with plenty of bonuses. Whenever there’s a break during the All-Star Weekend, you can play online blackjack, online roulette, and more as you wait for it to resume.

Who Will Play in the NBA All-Star Game 2024?

The 2023-2024 NBA Season will be the 78th season in NBA history. Based on player performances during that season, players, fans, and the media will all cast votes for which players they think have been the best. The fan vote accounts for 50 percent, while the media and player votes count for 25% each. The players with the most votes will then be made available in the All-Star draft, which is where the captains choose which players they want.

Because the NBA 2023-24 season is still a few months away, it’s not yet known which players from which teams are most likely to make the All-Star Weekend cut. However, it’s possible to make predictions based on their form from last season.

Nikola Jokic

After playing as a starter in the 2022-23 All-Star game and having a fantastic season overall, Nikola Jokic is almost guaranteed to make the 2024 All-Star event.

Right now, Jokic is considered the best offensive player in the NBA, which is ultimately why he’s the back-to-back MVP. He’s averaging around 25 points a game, too, which is pretty staggering when you consider his incredible assist record on top of this.

Kevin Durant

NBA legend Kevin Durant missed the 2022-23 All-Star game due to injury. If he can remain injury-free throughout the 2023-24 season, though, you can expect Durant to play a big part in the next All-Star Game.

At the age of 34, Durant is still a major force in the NBA; averaging around 30 points per game with an impressive defensive record as well.

Lebron James

It wouldn’t be an NBA All-Stat Weekend without Lebron James.

Lebron James (along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) holds the record for most All-Star Game selections with a total of 19. This will quickly become 20 next season, as it’s highly likely that Lebron James will be one of the captains.

Now sitting at 38 years old, Lebron shows no signs of slowing down and is expected to stick around for at least a few more seasons yet.


Whether you’re a diehard NBA fan or someone who has only recently been introduced to the sport of basketball, make sure that you take part in the 2023-24 All-Star Weekend. It’s going to be awesome, and the best NBA talent around will be taking part in the penultimate All-Star Game at the end.