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Big Ten Announces Conference Opponents for 2023-24 Season

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament Championship-Penn State vs Purdue David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today the Big Ten announced the breakdown of conference opponents for all of the schools for the upcoming 2023-24 season.

All 14 schools in the conference will play a 20 game schedule, facing seven schools twice (one at home and one on the road) and facing the other six schools just one time. Of those six single plays, three will come on the road and three will take place at home.

The season concludes in March with the Big Ten Tournament set to take place from the 13th to the 17th. This year’s conference tournament will take place at the Target Center in Minneapolis, the first year the event is set to take place there.

The schedule breakdown can be seen below. The conference will announce specific dates for the conference schedule at a later point in time.


Home: Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska

Away: Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin

Home/Away: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Purdue, Rutgers


Home: Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern

Away: Illinois, Michigan, Rutgers

Home/Away: Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin


Home: Nebraska, Ohio State, Rutgers

Away: Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern

Home/Away: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin


Home: Michigan, Nebraska, Purdue

Away: Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin

Home/Away: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, Rutgers


Home: Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Away: Maryland, Northwestern, Penn State

Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers


Home: Iowa, Ohio State, Rutgers

Away: Indiana, Nebraska, Purdue

Home/Away: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin


Home: Maryland, Rutgers, Wisconsin

Away: Illinois, Michigan, Purdue

Home/Away: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, Ohio State


Home: Michigan State, Penn State, Purdue

Away: Illinois, Iowa, Maryland

Home/Away: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Rutgers, Wisconsin


Home: Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State

Away: Indiana, Rutgers, Wisconsin

Home/Away: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue


Home: Illinois, Maryland, Purdue

Away: Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern

Home/Away: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin


Home: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin

Away: Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers

Home/Away: Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State


Home: Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State

Away: Maryland, Nebraska, Ohio State

Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Northwestern, Rutgers, Wisconsin


Home: Indiana, Northwestern, Penn State

Away: Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota

Home/Away: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin


Home: Illinois, Maryland, Northwestern

Away: Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State

Home/Away: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers