Who Are The Best Big Ten Basketball Teams

Big Ten basketball is beyond big time with how many Final Fours, champions and great players so trying to figure out how to rank the best ever is a tall task but we will do our best.

Learn more NCAA Basketball tips from those from the Big Ten who were the best of all time.

2014 Wisconsin

This Wisconsin narrowly edged out a few teams to claim this spot. As we all remember, the Badgers were able to go undefeated through their non-conference slate before struggling a bit in conference play in their 2014 season. The then regrouped and outside of a loss against a surprisingly good Nebraska team and a fully healthy Michigan State, Wisconsin was great all the way through the end of the Big Ten season and then going through the NCAA Tournament. Wisconsin ultimately lost to Kentucky in the Final Four that year.

2015 Illinois

One of the best teams in the Big Ten came from Champaign in the Illinis with that 2005 squad. For people who were lucky enough to watch this team, they got to witness what happens with the right mix of experience, coaching,and talent can create to have a great season. Though this Illinois team came just short of the national championship that year, they did win the Big Ten title by two games, won the Big Ten Conference Tournament and lost just a single game entering postseason play.

Outside of a loss on the road against Ohio State, this team's only loss was in the national championship game against a loaded North Carolina team by a final score of 75-70. This team was not quite perfect, but it truly was a special squad and easily the best Illinois team in a long, long time.

2007 Ohio State

This Buckeyes team from 2006-07 were an interesting group. Not only did they win the Big Ten regular season title and the Big Ten Tournament title, but they also reached the Final Four but fell just flat against Florida. For most, that is an incredible season, but looking back, one has to wonder what else this team may have done. They lost a total of four games throughout the year, which is very impressive, but the games they did lose speak to how special this team was at Ohio State. Of the 4 losses, not one came at home, three came in true road environments, all came against teams ranked in the top 10, and 2 of the losses came against the eventual national champion Florida Gators. Most teams hope half of their losses come against quality teams. They already had a tremendous year, but perhaps with a bit easier scheduling a few breaks, this team could have went undefeated and yes, I'm being serious about that.

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