Turkesterone Review

So, you've heard about the popular muscle-enhancing, performance-boosting, all-natural supplement called Turkesterone?

You may have noticed the hundreds of positive reviews online, recommendations by professionals in the fitness industry, and countless blogs mentioning this trending sports supplement.

Is it another "miracle snake oil" gimmick, or is it really worth the hype?

Well, let's find out!

What Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone, also known as Ajuga Turkestanica Extract, is an Ecdysteroid - a completely natural plant steroid extracted from the Leuzea plant or the Marla Root.
This potent natural supplement is known to have significant anabolic effects on the muscles and numerous other health benefits without any of the unpleasant side effects associated with synthetic steroids.

How Does a Turkesterone Supplement Work? (And is it Legal?)

Turkesterone and testosterone have a very similar molecular structure, meaning that this Ecdysteroid supplement mimics the effect of pure testosterone in the body.
This increasingly popular anabolic supplement has gained so much attention among bodybuilders because, unlike testosterone and synthetic steroid supplements, Turkesterone doesn't bind to androgen receptors.
What does that mean?
You will notice the incredible benefits of taking this supplement without experiencing any unwanted side effects associated with steroids. Plus, there's no need to cycle it.
Now for the big question: Is it legal?
It certainly is! The sole exception is for athletes competing in the Olympic Games. They are banned from using this supplement because, during the 1988 Olympics, athletes from the Soviet Union dominated the games using Turkesterone, winning a staggering 55 gold medals!
Turkesterone Benefits

What are the benefits of using Turkesterone?

Increases Lean Muscle Mass

The main reason why gym-goers love Turkesterone is that it's believed to have powerful muscle-building abilities.
Ecdysteroids are believed to improve muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis. Now, we won't get into the science here, but this process is essential for building muscle and preventing the breakdown of muscle.
Enhances Muscle Recovery

Besides building lean muscle, Turkesterone is also said to have the ability to assist in faster muscle recovery. (Also thanks to increased muscle protein synthesis).
If you train regularly, you'll know exactly how much of a difference post-workout recovery makes to your sessions and your progress.
Many users claim that Turkesterone allows them to regularly handle greater exertion and intensity in the gym.

Improves Performance

Working out harder for longer is always an achievement.
Turkesterone may help minimise fatigue during training due to its ability to boost ATP production in the body. (The molecule that stores and transfers energy between cells.)
It has a similar effect to Creatine, boosting strength and endurance during workouts, making it easier to smash those fitness goals!

Reduces Stress

Another amazing benefit of this natural supplement is its potential to minimise stress.
Stress is responsible for many negative side effects on the body, such as weight gain, muscle loss, and poor sleep.

Turkesterone reduces the body's sensitivity to the stress hormone cortisol. In turn, helping to boost fat loss, muscle growth, performance, and of course - peace of mind!

How to Take Turkesterone

If you're planning on trying Turkesterone, it's important that you take the right dosage to see results.
It's recommended to take between 250mg and 500mg per day spread over two separate doses.
Avoid consuming it on an empty stomach, as it may cause mild stomach upset, discomfort or nausea.
If you're a newbie to Turkesterone supplementation, it's good to start on the lowest dosage and see how your body responds before increasing it..
Although this supplement boasts many incredible benefits, it isn't a magic pill, and it won't give you results overnight. Before assessing its effectiveness, you need to be consistent and stick to it for at least a few weeks.
You also want to make sure that you choose a high-quality Turkesterone supplement from a reputable brand.

The Bottom Line

Is Turkesterone really as good as it's made out to be by weightlifters, athletes and gym fanatics?
While more research is needed, the little that we do know about its beneficial properties, and the fact that it doesn't have any of the negative side effects associated with steroids, is enough to make it worth trying!
If your goals are to build lean muscle, speed up your recovery times, get stronger, perform better and reduce stress, Turkesterone is looking very promising to help maximise your efforts.