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Purdue and Michigan Reschedule Postponed Game

Syndication: Journal-Courier Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Purdue and Michigan announced earlier today that they rescheduled their postponed game from earlier in the month.

Michigan was forced to postpone games against Michigan State and Purdue earlier in the month due to not having enough players because of COVID protocols. The Wolverines were originally set to play Purdue on January 11th, but will now host the Boilermakers on the 10th of February. The move is the first of potentially two schedule changes for Michigan, as they are still working on rescheduling their home game against Michigan State that was also postponed.

The news has led to some backlash from Purdue fans, as the Boilermakers originally had a three game home stand (Michigan, Illinois and Maryland) that not only has a road game in the middle of it now, but now also sets for the Boilermakers to play four games in nine days. Purdue’s home game against Illinois was moved up to the 8th from the 10th to make room for the road trip to Ann Arbor, followed by a home game against Maryland on the 13th.

Michigan will also have a busy week as well, with an eight day span that includes a pair of games against Purdue, a road trip to Penn Sate and a home game against Ohio State. It should also be noted that while many people thought the Michigan State game might not be rescheduled, the Big Ten’s willingness to shuffle additional games and overload the schedule for the teams effected shows that the postponed game against the Spartans might actually be played after all.

The Illini also got caught in the crossfire as their game at Purdue getting moved up two days means they now have to play Wisconsin, Indiana and Purdue in a seven day span, with the last two of those games taking place on the road.