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Big Ten Undergoes Another Schedule Shift

The Big Ten slate is going to look a lot different.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the Big Ten announced a few more schedule reconfigurations. These are all due to COVID-19 concerns, postponements, and teams pausing activities. We will continue to try and update this as more comes out, but here are the changes:

  • Michigan will now go on the road to face Penn State on January 27th;
  • The Nebraska and Penn State game will be postponed; and
  • Penn State’s game against Wisconsin will move to January 30th.

Obviously, that’s a lot of movement and it seems clear from the various press releases that there will be more to come. Most of these are due to Penn State’s recent pause in team activities, but Michigan State and Nebraska’s pauses are starting to have an impact as well. But in a season like this, it’s to be expected. Let’s hope everyone can stay healthy and safe. Fans will be hoping programs like Michigan State and Nebraska can get back in action sooner rather than later.