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Report: Big Ten Basketball Discussing Bubble

Some interesting news surfaced about how the Big Ten might work around the COVID-19 pandemic on the court.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament-Rutgers vs Michigan Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

While most of the college sports world has been focused on the gridiron the last few weeks, Jeff Goodman posted an interesting report about what the Big Ten and other conferences might be considering for basketball this season. He tweeted the following:

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last March, everything in sports has been up in the air. Not only has there been debate about how to make sports safe for participants and spectators, but many have argued sports should be put on hold until things get under control. It’s an ongoing debate that probably won’t end anytime soon.

And as we’ve discussed on this site before, we’ve reached the point in the calendar where we have to seriously consider that the pandemic won’t be under control until after the college basketball season begins in November. And if so, the NCAA and leagues are going to have to come up with plans on how to deal with any related issues.

The idea of a bubble is an intriguing one. Over the past few months, MSL, the NBA, and the NHL have all used bubbles to successfully resume their seasons. It’s a proven formula, so one can see why the Big Ten and other conferences are intrigued by such a model.

However, the question is whether a bubble is possible with college players. Most schools have rejected the idea at face value, finding it too intrusive on account of the players’ amateur status. One wonders whether that idea would change if the Big Ten and other leagues can find a way to do a shortened bubble over the Christmas holiday.

We’ll have to wait and see whether that’s even possible. Of course, BTP will keep you posted on all of it moving forward.