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CBS Sports Reports Possible Hoops’ Season Start Dates

The NCAA sent out possible season timelines under current consideration to conference commissioners last week.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert-Press Conference Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA announced early last week they have already planned and considered possible decisions for a delayed start to the 2020-21 men’s and women’s college basketball season. A vote is already scheduled for the NCAA’s DI council on September 16, but first the oversight committees for each sport will need to finalize and vote on their recommendation.

Per a CBS report out Monday afternoon, the oversight committees seem to be zeroed in for the time being on four potential calendars. As of now, those are reported to be:

-Option 1

  • First practices allowed: Sept. 29
  • First day of season: Nov. 10 (No change to start of season)

-Option 2

  • First practices allowed: Oct. 9
  • First day of season: Nov. 20

-Option 3

  • First practices allowed: Oct. 14
  • First day of season: Nov. 25

-Option 4

  • First practices allowed: Oct. 24
  • First day of season: Dec. 4

CBS further reports that the men’s basketball oversight and the men’s basketball selection committees will be meeting this Wednesday to discuss the above start dates. Then on Thursday, the DI conference commissioners and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) will each be meeting to discuss the proposed start dates. Finally, on Friday the women’s basketball committee and Women’s Basketball Coaches Association will each meet to review and provide their feedback on the possible start date proposals.

The reviews by each committee, association, and group of commissioners will address the host of issues presented by the different start date scenarios being considered. Each will also include the latest models and recommendations from the NCAA’s COVID-19 Medical Advisory Board.

There is a tentative meeting scheduled between the men’s and women’s oversight committee for August 31. The NCAA is reported to be targeting the first week of September to select the season’s start date model and push forward with finalizing the other details in order to meet the September 16 DI Council vote deadline.