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Former Michigan Players and Team Managers Start Site To Sell Old Team Gear

The Players Trunk, founded by former Michigan players and team managers, is a way for former college athletes to sell their old team gear.

Florida State v Michigan Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

When athletes are in college they typically are given a wide variety of team related gear throughout their time in school. Occasionally this school merchandise becomes an issue when current athletes attempt to sell the gear they’re given as a way to bring in some money. While the NCAA can (and will) crackdown on athletes caught selling merch, they have no authority to do a thing about it if the players selling gear are no longer participating in college sports.

Enter the Players Trunk.

After former Michigan star Charles Matthews declared for the NBA Draft he started looking into selling some of his former clothes and shoes for a little bit of money. Michigan grad Zavier Simpson also attempted to do the same after graduating from Michigan, though both quickly saw the limitations in doing so on the own. While both players found some interest, they also received a lot of chatter from fans that were more interested in reaching out to the players instead of actually being serious about buying items.

With the help of a few former Michigan team managers the group eventually started the Players Trunk as a way for former players to sell off their old merch for some money. The site lists merch including jerseys, shirts, hats, gloves and more from a wide variety of players including more than just former Big Ten players. The site has quickly found a decent number of players willing to offload their gear for some money.

“We do take a percentage, but it’s not a large cut of the pie and we want most of it going to the athletes, deservedly so,” said Charles Lansings (one of the site founders).

Current Big Ten players on the site include A.J. Turner, Barret Benson, Charles Matthews, Derrick Walton Jr., Deshawn Freeman, Haanif Cheatham, James Palmer Jr., Jon Teske, Jordan Poole, Khalil Iverson, Kyle Ahrens, Nick Ward, Rashod Berry, Zak Irvin and Zavier Simpson.