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Michigan’s Zavier Simpson Appears On NBA Draft Breakdown

The Wolverine guard appears to be embracing his exploration of the NBA Draft process.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft process continues to change, and it’s particularly unique this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the delays in the NBA’s schedule. And one player going through this unique process right now is Michigan’s Zavier Simpson, who decided to join PBC’s recent breakdown of his chances for the 2020 NBA Draft. It’s certainly not something you would have seen in years past, but it’s worth a watch.

You can see the full breakdown here:

Simpson played four seasons in Ann Arbor and left campus as one of the most decorated Wolverines of all-time. He helped lead Michigan to three Sweet 16 appearances, two Big Ten Tournament titles, and a trip to the National Championship game in 2018. Simpson was also poised to leave campus as the all-time winningest player before COVID-19 cut last season short.

And while Simpson hasn’t gotten much hype for this year’s NBA Draft, he seems like a player that could get some attention late in the Second Round and for the Summer League. Simpson’s skill set has continued to improve over the last few years and should warrant him at least some consideration. All told, it will be interesting to see what ends up happening for the Wolverine guard.