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Week 5 Stats Check-In: Chaos In Standings Doesn’t Affect Advanced Ranking Dominance

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Rutgers Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

With just three days left of 2020, the Big Ten remains well poised in advanced metric standings across the board. The chaos of early league games seems to be providing fuel to the narrative of Big Ten depth we heard coming into the season, and certainly hope you are enjoying the strength of the league in early action so far!

Big Ten Conference Standings

Certainly not what folks probably expected to see standings wise at this point, but here we are currently:

1. Northwestern (3-0)
2. Michigan (2-0)
3. Illinois (3-1)
T-4. Minnesota (2-1)
T-4. Wisconsin (2-1)
T-4. Rutgers (2-1)
T-4. Purdue (2-1)
8. Iowa (1-1)
T-9. Maryland (1-2)
T-9. Ohio State (1-2)
T-11. Penn State (0-2)
T-11. Indiana (0-2)
T-11. Nebraska (0-2)
14. Michigan State (0-3)

2020 is quickly coming to a close, and with it the standings should likely start to shake up a bit more over the next few weeks.

KenPom Rankings

Four weeks into the season now and KenPom is as high as ever overall now on the Big Ten overall. There are still seven Big Ten teams inside the top-25, 11 as well still inside the top-50, and 13 now inside the top-54 as opposed to top-57 last week.

Offensively, five rank inside the top-10 for the second straight week, eight now rank inside the top-25, up one from last week after Minnesota’s huge 25 point swing. Defensively, just six remain inside the top-40, while five rank outside the top-70.

BPI Rankings

BPI saw a few noteworthy changes this week. Just five Big Ten teams remain in the top-25, but 13 of the teams are now inside the top-50. Maryland, Northwestern, and Minnesota all made jumps in the rankings to fall inside the top-50 now, while Nebraska dropped even further from last week to 112th from last week’s 100th.

RPI Rankings

RPI this week sees the Big Ten hanging in at the top overall conference ranking. Five teams remain inside the top-25, but just eight are inside the top-40. Just two teams sit outside the top-100 as Iowa and Northwestern made jumps inside the top-100, NU jumping 81 spots overall week-over-week.

That’s a wrap for this week’s advanced stats check-in. Be sure to follow along with all of BTPowerhouse’s basketball coverage this week and check back again on next week’s update.