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Week 4 Stats Check-In: Big Ten Takes Over Top Conference RPI Ranking

This will be a new column BTPowerhouse features each Tuesday through the rest of the season checking in on many of the stats rankings around the B1G

Illinois v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’re now into week four of the men’s basketball season. We even have some initial conference game results this week in our check-in. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Big Ten Conference Standings

With just four teams still to start conference play, the current standings are:

1. Rutgers (2-0)
T-2. Michigan (1-0)
T-2. Northwestern (1-0)
T-2. Purdue (1-0)
5. Illinois (1-1)
6. Wisconsin
7. Iowa
8. Indiana
9. Nebraska
T-14. Maryland (0-1)
T-14. Michigan State (0-1)
T-14. Minnesota (0-1)
T-14. Ohio State (0-1)
T-14. Penn State (0-1)

As the actual conference season begins, these will adjust each week.

KenPom Rankings

Four weeks into the season now and KenPom had a few big swings this week, finally. There are now just seven Big Ten teams inside the top-25, 11 remain inside the top-50, and 13 now inside the top-57. Offensively, nine now rank inside the top-25, up two from last week. Defensively, just six rank inside the top-40, down two from last week’s results.

Michigan State saw significant drops in all categories after a loss to Northwestern. Wisconsin jumped to the distinction of being the only team in the country to feature both a top-10 offense and defense in KenPom.

BPI Rankings

BPI only saw one particularly significant swing this week. Six Big Ten teams remain in the top-25, and 10 of the teams remain inside the top-50. Northwestern jumped from 67th to 52nd following its big upset Sunday of Michigan State. Meanwhile, Nebraska rode a win over Doane to a 100th ranking, up from 105th last week.

RPI Rankings

RPI this week features the Big Ten taking over the top spot on the Conference RPI list. Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, and especially Northwestern all saw significant jumps. Michigan State was the only school to see a significant drop this week.

That’s a wrap for this week’s advanced stats check-in. Be sure to follow along with all of BTPowerhouse’s basketball coverage this week and check back again on next week’s update.