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Big Ten Performs Well In 11/9 National Championship Odds

New national title odds were released on Monday and the Big Ten looks pretty strong in them.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

While trying to predict what will happen in next year’s March Madness remains an aimless exercise, new odds have been released by for which team will win the national championship heading into the 2020-’21 college basketball season. Vegas always has an interesting perspective and this list is no different.

The Big Ten found itself well represented with several of the top contenders coming out of the conference, including three of the prime contenders. Obviously, that speaks to just how exciting this season should be for Big Ten fans.

Here’s a full look at the Big Ten teams listed below.

Big Ten Teams In 11/9 National Title Odds:

  • 10/1 - Iowa
  • 20/1 - Michigan State
  • 22/1 - Illinois
  • 25/1 - Wisconsin
  • 33/1 - Michigan
  • 40/1 - Indiana, Ohio State
  • 50/1 - Purdue
  • 80/1 - Maryland, Rutgers
  • 100/1 - Penn State
  • 200/1 - Minnesota, Nebraska

There certainly was nothing surprising about seeing Iowa, Michigan State, and Illinois so high, but how some of the teams placed is rather intriguing. In particular, seeing Indiana and Ohio State above Purdue seems like a bold statement on how the Hoosiers and Buckeyes will perform this season.

Some of the positioning of the lower ranked teams was also interesting. Rutgers seemed significantly underrated on the list, while Penn State seemed a bit high. Of course, these likely won’t matter as all of these teams have slim odds.

It should be a fun season and if these odds are any indication, it looks like a tight and unpredictable race across the Big Ten this year.