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Carsen Edwards Balls Out In Summer League, Gets Paid

The former Purdue star signs a long-term deal with the Celtics and Adidas

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Few players helped their NBA future than Carsen Edwards in last month’s Summer League.

Edwards, the 33rd pick in June’s draft, entered Summer League play looking to prove himself and earn a long-term contract.

And Edwards delivered on that goal.

First, the obligatory mention that these games often mean little and are not indicative of a player’s success in the NBA.

Now, back to gushing about Edwards. He looked excellent. He was aggressive, efficient, defended well in practice, and was part of the reason the Celtics earned a no. 1 seed in the Summer League bracket. Over five games, Edwards averaged 19.4 points per game on 48 percent shooting and 47.6 shooting from three.

Take a look at some highlights below.

Most importantly, his employer, the Boston Celtics, thought he proved himself enough to ink him to a four-year deal with reportedly over 4.5 million on guaranteed money. That’s a nice contract considering second-round picks often struggle with long-term commitments and guaranteed money.

The deals weren’t done for Edwards as Adidas announced they signed Edwards to a long-term shoe and apparel deal as reported by ESPN. The deal was especially meaningful because Edwards grew up idolizing and wearing Tracy McGrady’s Adidas shoes.

“I was a big fan of Tracy McGrady’s,” Edwards said. “Whatever shoe he was wearing, I was trying to wear. As a young dude, he just scored all of the points for the Rockets, so that was cool. He just did it all.”

Cool moment for a player that’s worked hard to get to the position he’s in. Edwards could be in-line for Boston’s back-up point guard minutes to provide instant offense off-the-bench. That could be good for a Boston team that was just middle-of-the-road last year in offensive production.

Edwards has already proved himself as one to watch in the 2019 draft class. Stay tuned for what he’ll be able to do in the upcoming season.