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2019 NBA Draft Profile: Romeo Langford (Indiana)

What can the Hoosier guard bring to an NBA team?

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Despite a relatively underwhelming season for the Indiana Hoosiers, a number of the team’s players looked at leaving for the NBA and none had a bigger pro profile than Romeo Langford. He was regarded as a lottery pick before arriving in Bloomington and many still firmly believe he fits there.

So, what should fans expect for Langford on draft night? Let’s take a look.


Perhaps the most exciting part of Langford’s game comes in his ability to get in the lane and find ways to score. Whether it’s driving to the hoop, getting a defender out of position, or getting to the line, Langford made his living there last season. If he’s going to make a mark at the next level, it’s going to start there.

Langford was also a solid defender for the Hoosiers last season. Not an elite defender, but a solid option. If he can continue to develop there, he could do some major damage. He also has enough raw athleticism to think he has upside there and to improve in transition.


The first concern that comes to mind with Langford is his health. He missed plenty of playing time last season and some have reported that he played virtually the entire season with injuries. You have to get on the court to do damage in the NBA and that’s going to be Langford’s first challenge.

On the court, his biggest concern is his underwhelming shooting. He shot 27.2 percent from three last season and finished with a true shooting percentage of 54.2 percent. What’s interesting is that he had times when he was shooting well. One wonders if this was a byproduct of the hand injury he reportedly dealt with last season.

Best Fit:

Given Langford’s current skillset, a team that can space the floor looks like the best landing spot for him. Moreover, a spot where he can work on developing his consistency outside the arc with quality opportunities. Teams like the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs seem like solid fits.

The good news is that Langford should find a pretty good landing spot. He’s projected as a solid first round pick, but should avoid the first few spots, meaning he should land in a more stable roster situation. Not exactly a bad spot for a developing prospect.


There’s a lot of exciting things to follow with Langford’s transition from Indiana into the NBA. Fans will have to stay tuned to see whether he can land in the Lottery, but there’s little doubt he should find a good landing spot on Thursday night.