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2019 National Championship Game: Texas Tech vs Virginia Game Day Thread

The two most imposing defenses of the 2019 NCAA Tournament face off tonight for the National Championship.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-City Scenes Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the night. Five months of college basketball has come down to this. The Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Virginia Cavaliers are both seeking their program’s first National Championship Title in Division 1 men’s basketball history. Texas Tech features a deep rotation that defends out past the 3 point line. They can absolutely shut teams down on both the perimeter and on the inside.

The Red Raiders make teams catch their passes a step or two further out than they are used to. They switch every screen, having the length and discipline to minimize the effect of a mismatch. They can back that up with elite shot blocking ability as well.

Virginia stars on the other side with absolute discipline both offensively and defensively. They rarely make mistakes and can make you pay when your team does. Their elite “pack line” style defense does not allow much on the inside and still manages to force tough perimeter shots.

It seems the formula to beat both teams’ defense is the same. Get the ball moving side to side quickly and accurately. Then find the open lane inside and attack off the dribble. Making a solid extra pass from the interior is crucial as well. Easier said than done however. This game has all the makings of a rock fight. Let’s find out who is tougher this evening. The tip off from Minneapolis is 9:20 ET on CBS. Please comment with your thoughts below and give us your insight throughout the game as well.