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12/13 Big Ten Preview: Nebraska Begins Big Ten Play

Only game of the night!

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Media Day Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Seven Big Ten teams have already finished December conference play. Interestingly, all seven are 1-1 in league play—nobody is 2-0 or 0-2. Indiana looks to avoid being the first team to drop both games, and Nebraska just wants to get on the scoreboard.

Game of the Night (Such as it is):

-Nebraska Cornhuskers at Indiana Hoosiers

  • Time/TV: 8:00 PM EST, BTN
  • KenPom Spread: Indiana -16

This is the only game of the night, and well, it’s not a very good one. The most interesting thing about it has already been mentioned: it’s Nebraska’s first.

There have been ten Big Ten games so far this season. The home game has won all ten.

Indiana is playing at home. Indiana is favored by a lot. Indiana, despite crapping the bed in Madison, is a pretty good team. Nebraska is far and away the worst team in the Big Ten.

In fact, not only is Nebraska bad, but they’ve also been playing in such obscurity that there are no photos available in the SB Nation system for this article’s preview that are more recent than Big Ten media days.

If you’re an IU fan, this game should be fun. Nebraska doesn’t foul and they don’t rebound, so you should be able to watch your team get up and down the court and score on most possessions.

If you’re a Nebraska fan, you already know that this season is a lost cause. You’re watching out of a sense of obligation, and nothing I say is going to dissuade you.

If you’re a neutral fan, skip this game. I don’t say that very often, but this one isn’t worth watching. It’s Friday. If you’re in college, finals are over. Get hammered with your college friends, or if you’re already home get hammered with your old high school friends.

Maybe you’ll have this game on in the background and take a drink every time Joey Brunk misses a shot from 5 feet or less. But that’s it.

  • Pick against the spread: Indiana