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Four Big Ten Teams Land In Week 12 Polls

See where the Big Ten landed in the latest rankings.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The AP and USA Today Coaches’ polls were released on Monday for week 12 of the season and four Big Ten teams were fortunate enough to make the cut. Only two of the teams were in the top 10, but it was still an encouraging performance for the Big Ten. Michigan and Michigan State’s spots near the top of the rankings was also impressive.

Here is where the Big Ten landed:

Week 12 AP Poll:

  • No. 5 - Michigan
  • No. 6 - Michigan State
  • No. 13 - Maryland
  • No. 19 - Iowa
  • Receiving Votes: Purdue (27th); Nebraska (29th); Wisconsin (30th)

Week 12 USA Today Coaches’ Poll

  • No. 5 - Michigan State
  • No. 6 - Michigan
  • No. 16 - Maryland
  • No. 21 - Iowa
  • Receiving Votes: Nebraska (28th); Purdue (30th); Wisconsin (31st); Indiana (35th); Ohio State (37th)

While this was a step back from previous weeks in the top 25, it’s still an impressive performance for the league. And it becomes even more impressive when one considers that three teams are now among the top 13 nationally. That’s a huge step for the Big Ten and could mean big things for the NCAA Tournament.

This brings back memories of those loaded years for the Big Ten in 2013 and 2014. And right now, it looks like fans could be in for another huge season for the conference.

Either way, BTPowerhouse will continue to keep fans posted moving forward.