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Did We Just Become Best Friends? Getting to Know the Iowa Hawkeyes

Legos, golf and Monopoly? Did we just become best friends?

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Iowa vs Illinois Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure if any of you have been following along with Iowa basketball’s social media platforms or not, but they are doing a series that allows fans to “Get to Know” the players on the roster. It’s fun, it’s summer and because I’m me, I looked way too deep into some of their answers.

Take Nicholas Baer for example. Did you guys know that he’s the biggest momma’s boy in the state of Iowa?

Favorite Holiday is Mother’s Day?


I love my mother, especially on Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day has never been as lit as, say, Thanksgiving. I’m going to be honest with you all, I’m not sure I can forgive Baer for this blatant attempt to one up his three sisters and brother. I don’t know about him, but I’d much rather tell my mother I’m thankful for her over her famous Party Potatoes and a plate full of turkey and ham before watching hours of football than at a weird L-shaped table over Hibachi on a random May Sunday.

Shouts to him about Harry Potter though. Wicked series that gets better each time you read through it.

One of the more shocking “Get to Know” blasts was Tyler Cook’s.

If the Iowa PR department doesn’t run a promotion with him in the Carver Hawkeyes Arena Stands and playing guitar with the Hawkeye Band, it would be a travesty. Having footage of what could be one of the best professional basketball players to ever wear an Iowa uniform rocking out in a hockey jersey to the tune of In Heaven There is No Beer or the Iowa Fight Song is gold.

Also, where would Shaq rank in celebrities you’d like to meet? 150th?

One of my personal favorites is Jack Nunge who, I’m pretty sure could be a long lost cousin of mine:

Nunge’s hobby is golf? Well, that’s crazy because MY hobby is also golf. Nuge’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving? Did you read what I just said above about that kiss ass, Nicholas Baer above? Because I celebrate Mother’s Day on Thanksgiving. Nunge’s favorite saying is “Shooters Shoot”? I lived by that in college. It was literally my mantra. It has been so much a part of my being that my best friends STILL give me a hard time for my “shooters shoot” mentality in our pick-up and intramural basketball games.

I can already see Nunge and I, building some bunk beds and playing with Legos and endless games of Monopoly.

I am so unbelievably smitten by Nunge at this point, I don’t think I need to read any more of these. Is there really going to be any other player on this roster whose “Get to Know” profile is going to be better than THAT?

I highly doubt...

Ummmm... did we just become best friends?

Iowa fans didn’t really need any more reason to love Jordan Bohannon, but they just got a few more. Who doesn’t want to retire before they turn 40? And choosing the signing of the Declaration of Independence is such an elite pick, I’m honestly shook from it. Not only would you be able to witness the start of the this great nation that allows me to blog about social media blasts, but you’d also get to wear quite the ensemble complete with one of those curly little white wigs.

Savage move and I absolutely love it.