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Michigan Wolverines Investigating Shoe Resales by Players

School officials confirm that North Carolina University contacted them in wake of the issue

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The University of North Carolina self reported that thirteen of the schools football players were involved in the resale of the shoes given by the program to the players as a part of the apparel deal. North Carolina suspended the players last Monday for between two to four games, while also notifying a few other schools who they believe may have had players selling to the same retailer.

The players involved were found to have sold the Air Jordans they received through the schools apparel deal on resale markets, and the Michigan Wolverines were among the schools mentioned to have players possibly involved in the same resale market. Michigan University entered into a deal with Jordan Brand in August of 2016.

Michigan spokesman Dave Ablauf has said that StockX, the group tracking the amount of sales of the shoes, does not necessarily point directly to Michigan players selling the shoes themselves. Ablauf also stated that players are aware and sign a form acknowledging that selling the shoes could cost them their collegiate eligibility.

Marquette and California were also notified by North Carolina as possibly having players involved in the resale market.