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What We Learned: Nebraska Cornhuskers Come up Short in NIT

After not making the NCAA tournament, the Huskers hoped to make some noise in the NIT

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

After ending the season on a historical note, the Nebraska Cornhuskers faltered, losing back to back games for the first time since December.

Nebraska figured to have made the NCAA tournament when they won their 22nd overall game, while winning 13 in conference play.

Tonight showed a sluggish and lethargic Huskers team, consistently getting out rebounded and out hustled by the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

What Nebraska did show is that they can hang with some of the SEC’s best, even when they aren’t playing at their best.

The Huskers return four out of their five starters, losing starting shooting guard Anton Gill and sixth man Evan Taylor. They also lose blocking specialist Duby Okeke, a man that can get everyone on their feet.

Nebraska probably does return their four best players though, Glynn Watson Jr, James Palmer Jr, Isaac Copeland, and Isaiah Roby. They also bring back Jordy Tshimanga who has really come on as of late, and will be very valuable to the Huskers next season.

Nebraska also brings in a highly touted recruit in Xavier Johnson, a four star out of Virginia that some have said can be treated as a five star.

Nebraska is definitely a team that can earn Pre-season recognition, and a team that can certainly make the NCAA tournament. If they play with the attitude they had tonight, they won’t come anywhere close to the NCAA tournament.