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12/9 Big Ten Recap: Purdue Falls To Texas

Recap all the Big Ten action from Sunday night.

Purdue v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

The Big Ten only had one game on Sunday, but it was a marquee matchup between Purdue and Texas. Ultimately, the matchup between the Boilermakers and Longhorns came down to the final seconds.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

Game of the Day:

-Texas Longhorns 72, Purdue Boilermakers 68

Heading into this game, both teams were desperately looking for a win. Texas was amidst a three-game losing streak and Purdue had let a handful of opportunities slip away in the opening month of the season.

And early on, the intensity was apparent. Texas jumped out to a lead, but Purdue chipped away during the course of the evening. The Boilermakers simply couldn’t convert from three-point range and struggled to get ahead as a result. At halftime, Texas led 36-31 over Purdue.

In the second half, Purdue made a valiant effort to grab the win. Carsen Edwards was the key piece and finished with 40 points on the evening. However, it wasn’t enough, as Texas was able to grab a 72-68 win over the Boilermakers. A crucial mistake in the final seconds for Purdue also helped Texas walk away with the win.

For Purdue, this is just the latest in a string of close losses so far this season. The Boilermakers already blew games against Florida State and Virginia Tech and now Texas will be added to that list. Purdue now sits at 6-4 overall, instead of potentially being 9-1 through 10 games. It’s quite a swing and something that will matter on Selection Sunday.

The good news is that Purdue will have a quick opportunity to rebound with a game against Notre Dame in the Crossroads Classic on Saturday. Expect a fun one.