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Ohio State has a New Court, but Fans are Confused

The final design wasn’t even listed on an earlier fan vote.

Iowa v Ohio State Photo by Ryan Young/Getty Images

Earlier this evening, Ohio State announced that they finished installation on an all-new court for the upcoming season. A court with a design that was supposedly voted for by the fans.

The only problem is, according to the fans, this final design isn’t the one they voted for. In fact, the final design wasn’t even a part of the final vote.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the new design itself. Although the striping is clearly reminiscent of the Buckeye’s football helmets, and that won’t help assuage concerns that the basketball program is in the football teams shadow. The big issue is, why not use the design that won the vote? Was there an error somewhere that caused them to use the wrong design?

It could be argued that the athletic department tried to combine the top two choices due to how close the voting was, there are hints of both in the final design, but why not say that in the original tweet?

So far, no official Ohio State twitter has responded to any of the fans and there hasn’t been any tweets addressing the issue. Unless that changes, we will never get to know what happened. Congrats to OSU on the new design, and it certainly does look nice.