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66 Days to B1G Basketball: BTN to Produce Select Conference Tournament Games In 4K

The network will produce several men’s basketball conference tournament games in 4K this winter.

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report by Sports Video Group (SVG), the Big Ten Network is set to produce a select number of the Big Ten Tournament Games in 4K this season.

The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament, which is set to run from February 28 through March 4, 2018, is set for Madison Square Garden this winter. While the games they plan to produce in 4K haven’t been announced, it was revealed that at least some of the games will be produced in 4K. From SVG:

Details of the production are, naturally, not available just yet but Hulsey did note that the plan is to work with top mobile production facility provider Game Creek Video on the shows.

As of now only select games – not the entire tournament – will be produced in 4K and its undetermined where those games will available for viewing (though AT&T’s DirecTV or a streaming platform are the only viable options in the U.S. currently).

As of now, this is BTN’s first reported foray into 4K productions. While it’ll be a first for the network, BTN’s majority owner Fox Sports recently announced that they’ll be producing a number of college football games this season in 4K. Considering Fox’s coverage of Big Ten football this season, at least some of those games should feature teams from the conference.

The Big Ten Network recently celebrated it’s ten year anniversary, launching in August 2007.