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46 Days to B1G Basketball: NBA Star Dwyane Wade Visits Nebraska

The NBA vet has been converted into a Huskers fan.

Fresno State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Two years ago in our countdown we covered Dwyane Wade when he visited the Nebraska program back in 2015. Wade, an Illinois native, is married to Gabrielle Union, who is a Nebraska native. Their visit of the program back in 2015 included time spent with the basketball team before attending the Cornhuskers football game that weekend.

Well it’s 2017 and Wade and Union visited Nebraska once again, this time in town for the Cornhuskers game this past weekend against Rutgers. And once again Wade took some to visit the Nebraska basketball team. Wade took it a bit further this time, stating that his wife and the people of Nebraska have converted him into being a Nebraska fan.

It also looks like the university made a pair of personal jerseys for Wade and Union, which can be seen below:

Luckily for Wade and Union, Nebraska knocked off Rutgers this past Saturday. Two years ago when the couple visited it was during the BYU hail mary game, so this past weekend’s outcome was a much better result for the Nebraska fans.