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91 Days to B1G Basketball: NCAA Tournament To Adopt New Bracket Celebration

The NCAA is taking an idea from the Basketball Tournament for next year’s tournament.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - South Carolina v Florida Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

If you’re not familiar with the Basketball Tournament, the summer event involves former NBA and NCAA players in a basketball tournament that involves a $2 million grand prize. The event has drawn a number of former NBA stars, as well as notable college players and also typically has had theme-based teams (for example, Boeheim’s Army is a team of former Syracuse players).

One of the traditions from the Basketball Tournament involves players updating the tournament board after they win a game, which can be seen below:

The idea apparently has gained traction with the NCAA, with the association deciding to adopt their own version of it in 2018. In an email from the NCAA’s Director of Media Coordination/Statistics, David Worlock confirmed that the NCAA will be doing something similar next winter.

“Yes we’re doing it. I noticed in the Basketball Tournament and liked the idea,” said Worlock. “A few weeks ago there was some chatter on Twitter from some members of the media, saying they wished we would do it during our tournament. So I obviously wasn't the only person who thought it was a cool idea.”

According to Worlock the decision for the new post-game celebration has been approved and will likely take place nearby the press conference area. The advancing team can chose any player to advance their name on the bracket.

"If they want a senior walk-on, the star player or the star of the game, it doesn't matter to us,'' Worlock said.

While this will take place in next year’s NCAA Tournament, there is also the possibility it could take place in the Woman’s Tournament as well. According to Worlock’s Twitter account, the decision will be discussed in the near future.