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2017 NBA Profile: Damonte Dodd (Maryland Terrapins)

Can Damonte Dodd earn himself an NBA roster spot?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Maryland vs Xavier Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

While many were (rightfully) focused on Melo Trimble over the last few years for the Maryland Terrapins, the team actually boasted another quality upperclassmen during last season. Damonte Dodd didn’t boast elite numbers, but he was a nice option upfront for the Terps during his career.

Dodd will now hope to earn himself a spot in the NBA Summer League and a shot at a professional roster either here or overseas. It should be an interesting next few months for the former Terp.

As such, let’s take a look at what Dodd could offer a professional team.

-Player Strengths:

Over the last few seasons, Dodd has been one of the more reliable options for the Terps. He only averaged 6.2 points and 4.4 rebounds during last season, but he was a “lunch pail” type of player that got the job done. On a nightly basis, he showed up and played his role brilliantly for the Terrapins.

And Dodd’s role was a pretty simple one. He played quality defense, hit the boards, and set screens for other players. Dodd’s numbers, in these areas, topped out last season as he finished at No. 2 in the league in offensive rebounding rate and No. 3 in the league in block rate during conference play.

Dodd was also an efficient player offensively. He didn’t get many looks, but he had a 109.7 offensive rating and shot 60.8 percent from two-point range during Big Ten play last season. Considering some of the big men in last year’s Big Ten, those are pretty respectable numbers, especially considering what he also added on the defensive side of the court.

-Player Weaknesses:

Dodd has the potential to provide plenty of teams with a nice defensive boost and a reliable screener on the offensive end of the floor. Unfortunately, he also has some major red flags as he prepares to move on to the professional level.

To start, Dodd’s offensive numbers are concerning. He averaged just 6.6 points per game and most of those came on assisted buckets. Regardless of how one analyzes the situation, Dodd just wasn’t a significant part of the offense or a natural shot creator. During last season, he took just 14.6 percent of the team’s shots while on the floor.

Additionally, Dodd is a non-threat from three-point range (zero three-point attempts during his career) and he struggled from the free throw line. In fact, Dodd shots just 50.7 percent from the charity stripe during the 2016-’17 season. It’s going to be a hard sell for any GM to get on board with a guy that is offensively limited, non-existent from three, and struggles from the free throw line.

-Potential Best Fit:

Realistically, Dodd is going to have an uphill battle in his efforts to make an NBA roster next season. However, he will certainly have a great shot at making an NBA Summer League team and playing on a professional team somewhere.

No matter where he lands, Dodd is going to need a lead guard that can create opportunities and feed Dodd the ball on the pick and roll. If so, his efficient play offensively and his defensive capabilities should earn him minutes.


Barring something unusual, Dodd likely won’t hear his name called during the 2017 NBA Draft. However, he will get a chance to compete in the NBA Summer League and earn his way onto a roster for next season.