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Three Big Ten Players Make 5/15 SBNation Mock 2017 NBA Draft

SBNation released its latest 2017 NBA Mock Draft and a total of three Big Ten players made the cut.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

With the college basketball season finished up, one of the topics that will continue to dominate fan discussion is each team’s pro potential. Well, SBNation recently updated its 2017 NBA mock draft, which stirred up plenty of intrigue.

The Big Ten found itself well represented with three players making the cut in the site’s First Round projection. It’s worth noting that SBNation has not projected the Second Round at this point.

Here’s a full look at the Big Ten players listed below.

Big Ten In 5/15 SBNation 2017 NBA Mock Draft:

  • #13 - OG Anunoby (Indiana)
  • #28 - DJ Wilson (Michigan)
  • #30 - Caleb Swanigan (Purdue)

There certainly was nothing surprising about seeing Anunoby so high. Most have widely projected him as one of the most athletically gifted prospects in this year’s Draft. That raw skillset should turn him into a major prospect.

However, it was interesting to see both Wilson and Swanigan move into the First Round. Considering where those two players were projected prior to the season, that’s an incredible rise for both.

If interested, you can see the full list here.