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Can Bronson Koenig make it to the NBA?

Will Wisconsin’s senior guard find a spot on a roster next season?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Wisconsin vs Florida Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Bronson Koenig has yet to unveil his plans for the next step in his basketball career, but following an illustrious four year career in Wisconsin, there must be a jersey with his name on it somewhere.

Koenig has scarcely been mentioned in discussion of the upcoming NBA draft, but an October ESPN article detailed that basketball’s highest stage is his ultimate goal.

Realistically, Koenig will likely spend next season overseas. The sharpshooting point guard will garner a handful of workout invitations and maybe even a spot on a Summer League team, but the NBA doesn't seem to be in the cards.

At least not right away.

Personally, I’m surprised by the lack of attention Koenig has received in relation to the league. But, such is the Wisconsin way. The culture in Madison subconsciously limits demonstrations of flashiness—the type of look promoted at programs like Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas.

However, there is nothing wrong with playing across the pond. The immersion into a different culture can be truly enlightening and entertaining. Plus, throw in the opportunity to get paid to play the sport you love. Sign me up.

Let’s take a closer look at Koenig’s game.

Player Strengths

The best part of Koenig’s game has to be his shooting touch. Over the course of his career, he emerged as a sharpshooter that has that uncanny ability to create his own looks. Not only can Koenig shoot from distance, he can also maneuver past a defender off the dribble, stop on a dime and sink a mid-range jumper.

Like any great point guard, Koenig knows how to get his team involved. While he possesses the ability to score himself at any given moment, Koenig understands the responsibility of being the floor general and including all aspects of his offense.

Koenig is clutch. What else can you say? He has shown it time and time again. Koenig is one of those guys who doesn't shy away from critical shots, but, rather, embraces them. And he delivers—take last season’s buzzer beater to beat Xavier as an example.

Player Weaknesses

The flaw that most stands out when evaluating the prospect of Koenig breaking through in the NBA is his physical stature. Koenig is listed at 6-foot-3, a more than respectable height for a point guard.

But he simply isn't one that can drive and throw down a dunk in traffic like Lonzo Ball or Josh Jackson can. He doesn't get many rebounds. He plays hard defensively but is prone to being outmuscled.


Koenig was an exceptional player during his four years as a Badger, making two Final Fours and a couple Sweet Sixteens. However, with the daunting talent in the NBA, he will be pressed to find a spot on a roster.

Koenig probably will not get drafted and will have to rely on an impressive Summer League stint to have any hope of snagging a spot as an 11th man somewhere.

While I wish Koenig the utmost luck, you will likely need a passport to catch No. 24 in action next season.