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Ed Morrow To Transfer From Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Huskers lost a key piece for next season.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

According to a school press release, Nebraska sophomore forward Ed Morrow will be seeking a transfer from the program in the coming weeks. It’s huge news for the Cornhuskers and could have a massive impact on the team’s chances next season.

In what was generally considered an underwhelming season for the Cornhuskers, Morrow as one of the few bright spots for the team. He showed real promise in his 24 games of action this season, displaying a great ability to fight for offensive rebounds and protect the rim.

As a recruit, Morrow came to Nebraska with a great deal of promise. He was rated as a four-star prospect by 247Sports and joined what appeared to be a pretty stacked 2015 recruiting class for the Huskers. With Glynn Watson committed alongside him, optimism abounded for the program.

Obviously, that would not come to fruition.

During his two seasons at Nebraska, Morrow played in just 54 games. He averaged 18 minutes a game during his career and 9.4 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks per game during last season. Injuries also limited his potential impact, as he was sidelined for key stretches this season.

For the second offseason in a row, Nebraska has lost a key player to transfer. Last year it was Andrew White and this year, it’s Morrow. Tim Miles will now have to lean on players like Michael Jacobson, Jack McVeigh, and Isaiah Roby to fill in for Morrow’s departed contributions.