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Analysis: Melo Trimble’s NBA Potential

Breaking down Melo Trimble’s NBA decision, career and NBA draft projection.

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Melo Trimble officially declared for the NBA draft earlier this week. Let’s take a look at Trimble’s collegiate career and find out where he’s projected in this year’s NBA Draft.

Trimble’s college career has been filled with consistency in the scoring production department. He has also been a steady playmaker. As a freshman, Trimble shouldered the majority of the offensive load for the Terrapins. He ranked second among all freshman point-guards in scoring (16.2 points per game) that season.

As a sophomore, Trimble saw his scoring drop slightly (14.8), but his assists increased from 3 per game to 4.9. Trimble’s scoring dipped because of the talent that surrounded him. His scoring wasn’t always needed, but his playmaking was, and that’s what he improved on most during his second year.

This season, Trimble had to lead a younger squad. Once again, he was heavily featured as both the primary playmaker and scorer. Proving himself more than capable, he led the team in scoring with 16.8 points for the third consecutive season. He also led the team in assists with 3.7 per game.

-Player Strengths

When dissecting Trimble’s game, scouts realize that the majority of Trimble's scoring comes in pick and roll action, and that’s where his game will translate best on the NBA level.

Trimble is also comfortable playing in tight space and he plays with excellent pace and knows when to change speeds. Trimble is particularly effective at engaging the defending big, allowing his screener to break free for easy buckets. He is also terrific at splitting the pick and roll, creating easy opportunities for his teammates. and himself.

As a passer in the pick and roll, Trimble knows when to make the right kick out pass once he draws the defense. He also has an ability to make the right drop off passes leading to easy catch and finishes for his teammates around the rim. This season Trimble added other crucial offensive skills. He added the ability to play off the ball, coming off screens looking to shoot with Anthony Cowan handling point guard duties.

-Player Weaknesses

What Trimble struggles at is finishing in the paint. During Trimble’s sophomore season he converted only 50% of his field goal attempts in the paint in half-court situations, per Synergy Sports Technology. Trimble’s three point shooting has also taken a dip since he bursted onto the scene as a freshmen. He shot the three at 31% this season, which is subpar compared to his 41% clip from freshmen year.

Three point shooting and finishing at the rim are both key aspects of his game that he’ll need to fine-tune if he wants to stick around in the NBA. Although Trimble struggles around the rim, he has developed a knack for drawing fouls, allowing him to score plenty of easy points at the foul line.

What’s concerning about his production at the foul line is that Trimble wont be able to depend on creating contact and getting fouls called because the NBA is much more physical, and has plenty of athletic rim protectors that are excellent at contesting shots without fouling.

-NBA Outlook

For the majority of the season DraftExpress had Trimble projected to be selected in the second round of this year’s NBA Draft, but at the moment he has dropped out of their mock draft.

DraftExpress still has him ranked as the 15th best prospect in the NCAA Junior class. Trimble will need to be at his best at the upcoming NBA Draft Combine. If he doesn’t perform to expectations there’s a chance that he wont hear his name called on draft night.