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Three Big Ten Players To Participate In College All Star Skill Competitions

The Big Ten will send three players to the college slam dunk and three-point contests.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

With the season wrapping up in the coming days, one event that is often overlooked is the annual college all star skills competitions. This event features a slam dunk contest and a three-point shooting competition.

The Big Ten found itself well represented with three players making the cut, including one in event of the events. Obviously, that speaks to the talent that fans got to watch during the course of last season in the Big Ten.

Here’s a full look at the selections below.

2017 Big Ten Skill Participants:

-Slam Dunk Contest:

  • Vitto Brown (Wisconsin)

-Three-Point Shooting Contest:

  • Peter Jok (Iowa)
  • Derrick Walton (Michigan)

This is a major accomplishment for all three players and should serve as a great finish for each, as they move on from their college careers. In particular, this is great news for Iowa’s Peter Jok, who wasn’t fortunate enough to participate in this year’s NCAA Tournament, as Iowa was unable to build a strong enough resume.

If you would like more info on the event, click here.