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Glenn Robinson III Steals the Show at the Dunk Contest.

Former Michigan Wolverine wins the Dunk Contest.

NBA: All Star Saturday Night Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers forward Glenn Robinson III had two perfect dunks in a victory in the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, defeating Derrick Jones Jr. of the Phoenix Suns. One year after Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon performed one of the greatest dunk shows in the history of All-Star Weekend, this year’s contest was a dud.

DeAndre Jordan kicked off the event, with some prop help from DJ Khaled. With Khaled holding the ball in his left hand and a selfie stick in his right hand, Jordan simply flew by Khaled grabbed the ball and slammed it home. The dunk was very average, which pretty much summed up Jordan’s performance in his first dunk contest.

After Jordan, Robinson made a statement with a perfect score on his first dunk. Unfortunately, that was one of the few highlights of the night, the rest of the dunkers struggled to find their grove.

The third man in the competition, Jones, who has played only 24 minutes in the NBA, will be forgotten after a unmemorable performance. His first dunk was him jumping over four people, which looked great until the replay, Jones cheated when he pushed off Marquese Chriss, which ruined the significance of the slam.

The highlight of the night for Jones was his second dunk, he caught a lob off the side of the backboard and went through his legs before throwing it down. Jones decided that he thought the competition was over, mouthing the famous Vince Carter dunk contest line “it’s over!” in front of the camera.

The final man in the competition, and last year's Slam Dunk Contest runner-up Gordon, couldn’t execute either of his first two dunks on the first try. This was a tough break for Gordon considering that the spotlight was on him and that he was the clear favorite to take home the title.

Skipping to the final between Jones and Robinson, Jones scored a 50 in his second dunk, after a mediocre first attempt, bringing his total to 87. With the added pressure from Jones, Robinson knew that he needed a above average score of 44 to win the contest.

For his final dunk, Robinson got a little risky and decided to use three people, including teammate Paul George for the second time in the competition. With the cameras flashing and everyone waiting on what would Robinson do next, he jumped over all three people and executed a reverse dunk that impressed and landed him a perfect score and the dunk title.

Robinson was the most consistent out of all four players. Consistency is all he needed in one of the weakest dunk contest’s in recent memory. By the way, do we really need each dunker to perform with a prop for their first dunk? Gordon put on an absolute show last year and this year he got off to a terrible start (score of 38) largely because of the stupid drone prop that derailed him right from the start of the competition.