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Big Ten Shows Up Well In 10/19 National Championship Odds

New national title odds were released on Thursday and the Big Ten had a solid performance.

NCAA Basketball: Big 10 Media Day Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Bovada released a new set of odds trying to predictable what will happen in this season’s NCAA Tournament. The Big Ten showed up pretty well, with six teams from the league having odds above 100/1, including Michigan State, who had the second best odds in the nation.

Here’s a full look at the Big Ten teams listed below.

Big Ten Teams In 10/19 National Title Odds:

  • 6/1 - Michigan State
  • 50/1 - Michigan, Minnesota
  • 66/1 - Purdue
  • 75/1 - Indiana, Wisconsin
  • 100/1 - Maryland
  • 150/1 - Illinois, Northwestern,
  • 250/1 - Iowa
  • 300/1 - Ohio State, Penn State
  • Off The Board: Nebraska, Rutgers

If these odds tell fans anything about this season, it’s that Michigan State should be the Big Ten’s favorite entering this season and the rest of the league should be a mess. Many of the teams could be in for dramatic finishes on a nightly basis.