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27 Days to B1G Basketball: Tom Izzo Trolls Rich Eisen

Izzo is the best.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Izzo is the head coach of Michigan State’s basketball team. Rich Eisen is a graduate from the University of Michigan and a big Wolverine fan. Michigan State and Michigan football played this past weekend.

Long story short, the Spartans pulled off the upset in an absolute monsoon and Izzo decided to have some fun with Eisen about the outcome of the game.

“He’s so sweet. I’m honored to get my cojones busted by Tom Izzo,” Eisen said about the phone call.

While it’s not technically basketball related besides the story involving Izzo, add it to the laundry list of reasons why the Spartans head coach is probably my favorite coach in the Big Ten.

And if you want another reason, I’ll leave you with this gem.