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Big Ten Drops In 1/6 National Championship Odds

New national title odds were released Friday and the Big Ten dropped from its positioning earlier this season.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While trying to predict what will happen in this year’s March Madness remains a pointless exercise, new odds were released by Bovada attempting to project the key national championship contenders for this season. Vegas always has an interesting perspective and this list is no different.

The Big Ten still had a number of teams that performed well, but the conference’s odds took a considerable hit since earlier this season. In particular, having only two of the top 18 teams is concerning.

Here’s a full look at the Big Ten teams listed below.

Big Ten Teams In 1/6 National Title Odds:

  • 18/1 - Indiana
  • 22/1 - Wisconsin
  • 40/1 - Michigan State
  • 50/1 - Purdue
  • 125/1 - Michigan
  • 200/1 - Ohio State
  • 300/1 - Illinois, Maryland
  • Off The Board: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, Rutgers

As mentioned, the most notable development in these new odds is the significant drop for the Big Ten’s top contenders. Not only did Michigan State fall out of the top group, but Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin also saw sizable drops. The Big Ten’s top group is down this year and the odds are finally starting to reflect that.

The two other teams that were interesting were Michigan and Maryland. It was surprising to see the Wolverines end up so high on the rankings and the Terrapins so low. The advanced stats certainly reflect this view, but it was interesting to see Vegas reflect it so strongly as well.

It should be a fun next few months and if these odds are any indication, it looks like a tight and unpredictable race across the Big Ten this season.