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Analzying Northwestern’s C-A-T Tournament

Northwestern men’s basketball held their very own version of a H-O-R-S-E tournament this past August. If this doesn’t get you excited for the season, I’m not sure what will.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Northwestern Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever played H-O-R-S-E before? It’s a classic basketball elimination game. The Northwestern men’s basketball team decided to have a little fun one day over the summer after summer school. So, they headed outdoors to play their own version of H-O-R-S-E called C-A-T (like WildCAT. Get it?).

Morty Shapiro, the President of Northwestern even stopped by to watch the boys play. Northwestern filmed the tournament and shared it in segments.

Ready to see all of the crazy shots Northwestern basketball players can make?

Let’s break it down.


Sophomore Guard Charlie Hall vs. Freshman Center Barret Benson

Charlie Hall, a walk-on guard at Northwestern and son of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the famous Hollywood actress, starts off the C-A-T tournament by taking a deep three-point shot.

He nails it.

He follows that up with a shot called the “Barret Floater” which looks like some type of deep three point shot from near the top of the arc.

He also nails that.

He then goes on to make the Kareem Abul-Jabbar famous hook shot. It’s a hook shot from right at the three-point line.

He moves on and heads to the semi- finals.

Junior Forward Gavin Skelly vs. Freshman Guard Tino Malnati

Gavin and Tino battle it out with three-point shots and layups against the board. Skelly comes out with the win in the end. He heads on to the second round.

Sophomore Guard Jordan Ash vs. Freshman Guard Isiah Brown

They both make deep three’s to start of their match. Isiah Brown then goes with the Magic Johnson hook, a hook from the middle of the paint, and makes it. Jordan Ash attempts it but misses. They shoot some deep threes and jump shots, but ultimately Brown moves on.

Sophomore Center Dererk Pardon vs. Sophomore Forward Aaron Falzon

They shoot free throws and no-jump three-point shots from the corner before a controversial tree- hitting shot by Pardon. Replay showed that the ball grazed a leaf. They then took free throw shots while sitting down. Pardon made a no-look mid-court shot, a “blind granny”, and Marcus Camby shot. He moves on.


Sanjay Lumpkin vs. Isiah Brown

After a lot of outside shooting, a lefty-bank, and lefty-jab three, Sanjay Lumpkin moved on to the semi- finals.

Junior Forward Gavin Skelly vs. Freshman Forward Rapolas Ivanauskas

They start off their battle with the “Dirk Nowitzki”, named after the former Dallas Mavericks player who was famous for shooting a one-hop jump shot just inside the arc. They then shoot three point shots from the grass, and Skelly calls it the “Dab-on-It” shot. Ivanauskas moves on after a few outside shots and jump shots.

Redshirt Sophomore Forward Vic Law vs. Dererk Pardon

They shoot around in the paint and around the arc before Dererk Pardon attempts the “Marcus Camby for Three” shot. He nails it and moves on.

Junior Guard Scottie Lindsey vs. Charlie Hall

Hall starts off with the “NU Coach Gates” shot. They then shoot some outside three-point shots before attempting an “Off-Hand Three”. Both of them make the shot, but ultimately Hall moves on after a stiff competition of three-point shots.


Charlie Hall vs. Rapolas Ivanauskas

They started out with underhanded three-point shots, and deep three’s. Ivanauskas moves on after he made a one-handed three and Hall missed it. Hall was very dissapointed in his loss.

Sanjay Lumpkin vs. Dererk Pardon

They shoot three-point shots, overhead layups in the paint, and mid-range shots to start off. Then Sanjay shoots a “Lefty Stepback” only to quickly remember that Pardon’s dominate hand is his left. That mistake looked like it was going to be to Pardon’s advantage, but he missed the shot, so Lumpkin moves on.


Who’s going to win? Lumpkin or Ivanauskas? I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.

Sanjay Lumpkin vs. Rapolas Ivanauskas

They start out with deep three-point shots. They each make it. They then went for underhanded shots in the paint. They each made those. They try another similar shot, and Lumpkin misses his first one.

They then decide to go for the “Dirk Nowitzki” shot again. Lumpkin misses it.

Then it’s down to the final shot. Ivanauskas misses it. Lumpkin is still in. They go for “The Dagger”, a three-point shot far off the paint.

Ivanauskas makes it.

Lumpkin misses it.

Rapolas Ivanauskas is your 2016 Northwestern C-A-T Tournament Champion!!


This was a pretty impressive afternoon of fun for the Northwestern men’s basketball team. It is obvious that there is talent on this team and everyone can shoot well on the court.

It’s also important to see that the team is having fun while working out and taking summer classes. The boys will be back in action this November for their last season in Welsh-Ryan Arena before it’s renovations.