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Andrew White III Is Gone, So Who on Nebraska Will Replace Him?

Andrew White III is officially in the graduate transfer market. Now Tim Miles has to replace him and his scoring output. Where does he turn?

Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew White III has announced his transfer out of Nebraska.  Although he has not committed yet, it looks like he'll be heading East.  Now that he's gone, Tim Miles has to figure out how to replace the 16.6 points per game he averaged.  What are Nebraska's options heading forward?

Current Teammates to Fill the Void

Tim Miles has depth on his roster.  Last year, many of the underclassmen who came off of the bench in games, or did not see very many minutes, will have the opportunity to begin making an impact right off the bat. Who are those players? Let's take a look:

Tai Webster

Webster is a rising senior guard that started some games last year.  He's an efficient scorer that often came off the bench to help Nebraska win games.  He averaged 10.1 points per game last year in the minutes that he played.  With Shavon Shields gone, it's almost certain Tai will have a chance to start at the guard spot for many of the games in the upcoming season.  Webster definitely has the ability to put up high scoring numbers this year.  His scoring versatility will be an asset to the team this year.  Webster is playing basketball overseas this summer for New Zealand's national team.  The extra practice and experience playing at a high level will definitely help him improve his game.

Anton Gill

Anton Gill is a transfer from Louisville who sat out the 2015-2016 season due to NCAA transfer rules.  Although he averaged 10 minutes a game at Louisville, he averaged 2.5 points per game.  Gill will have the opportunity to compete for a starting spot this season as well.  While it's hard to tell exactly how his minutes and points per game will play out, he has the ability to come in and be a threat on both ends of the floor for the Cornhuskers.  He can score in the paint and from beyond the arc, so his versatility will be an asset.

Glynn Watson Jr.

Watson is a sophomore guard. As a freshman last year, he averaged 8.6 points per game last year off of the bench.  Watson can definitely contribute more this year on the court.  His minutes will likely increase and if he develops well in the off-season, he has the potential to become a more reliable scoring option for Tim Miles. The key to his play will be efficiency in his scoring and continued development on defense.

Jack McVeigh

Jack McVeigh is an incredible basketball player.  He is a forward/guard that is known for his basketball IQ on the court and has the ability to put up major scoring numbers for the Cornhuskers.  Last season, he started four games while Shavon Shields was out with an injury and he averaged 11 points per game while shooting 41% from the floor.  With his scoring output and development in the off-season, it may be difficult for Tim Miles not to have him on the floor.  His strong play on defense will be an important part of Nebraska in the upcoming season.  McVeigh can definitely make noise for the Cornhuskers on both ends of the floor.

Michael Jacobson

Jacobson is a sophomore forward.  As a freshman, he averaged 4.7 points per game.   He is exceptional around the rim.  He is a strong shot-blocker and he can score.  Jacobson will have the opportunity to play more minutes this season and score more.  If he develops in the off-season, he'll continue to become a threat on the floor.

Graduate Transfers

Per Brian Rosenthal of the Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska has two available scholarships for the 2016-2017 season.  They are currently looking in to graduate transfers, but no names have been announced yet of players they are pursuing.  Although it is late to be pursuing transfers, there are still graduate transfers available for Tim Miles and his squad. Jeff Goodman and Jeff Borzello of ESPN have a running list of available transfers that includes names of players still available.

Although Nebraska has players that can and should fill the void next year, filling those roster spots and adding depth would be beneficial for the Cornhuskers.