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Breakdown: Nebraska Cornhuskers 2016 Recruiting Class

Did the Cornhuskers do enough to compete in the Big Ten?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 recruiting classes are pretty much in the books now and most prospects have found the schools they'll be playing for next season.

Nebraska is among those schools who have their recruiting class set and for a team who endured a rough 2015-16 season with an overall record of 16-18 (6-12 in conference play) they needed to make a big splash to help them compete in the conference.

There's only three freshman who signed with the Cornhuskers and are on their 2016-17 roster, none of the three players are in the ESPN 100.

Here's a quick look at those signees:

Jordy Tshimanga

Jordy Tshimanga is their biggest signee from both a prospect standpoint and his physical traits. The 6-foot-11, 220 pound Canadian and joins the team as the tallest player, the next tallest player are multiple guys at 6-foot-8. Not only is his height a prominent apart of his all-around game, but he know how to use all of his frame to his advantage.

He's easily their most interesting prospect and has a chance to contribute due to those physical tools, but in a tough conference like the Big Ten how will he handle guys his size and veterans who have been in the conference for years. There will definitely be an adjustment period for the freshman, but if anybody questions if he's all in for them I think this tweet says it all.

Isaiah Roby

The Dixon, Illinois prospect embodies all 6-foot-8 of what has been a constant in head coach Tim Miles recruiting. He joins five returning players in being above the height of 6-foot-7. Roby is able to handle the ball, shoot and rebound, basically doing a little bit of everything on the floor which is a useful asset in the conference. With multiple veteran guys his height playing the same position, only time will tell how many minutes he will get as a freshman and what he will contribute.

Jeriah Horne

According to ESPN recruiting Jeriah Horne was a non-ranked prospect. Despite this he possesses a 6-foot-7, 220 pound frame and brings versatility like his fellow recruit Isaiah Roby. The difference in their games are prominent though.

He's much bigger at 220 pounds, but he can shoot, dribble and create his shot from the post.

These three intriguing prospects definitely add their own unique talents to the team, but they do not come off as swift program altering guys. So the big splash needed for Nebraska didn't happen with these recruits.

This recruiting cycle doesn't reflect the reality of their dire need to immediately change the outcome they had last year. In that regard, the upcoming season looks eerily similar and becomes a familiar story for the 2016-17 Cornhuskers.