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Maryland Terrapins Losing Key Program Building 2016 Senior Class

The Class of 2016 Maryland Seniors had a good run.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

At one point during the 2014-15 season fans were calling for Mark Turgeon's head. Then the unexpected happened and the team turned things around, earning a NCAA Tournament appearance that few anticipated at the beginning of the season. The Terps had much higher expectations in 2015-16 and even though it ended with a sweet sixteen berth it was a disappointing year based on the talent at Turgeon's disposal.

Although it was the year of the senior in college basketball, for the most part, Maryland was an exception with only two seniors playing significant roles. The senior class of 2016 only has one four year scholarship player, Jake Layman. Duke transfer Rasheed Sulaimon, Trinity College transfer Varun Ram, and walk-on Trevor Anzmann rounded out the group. The team was led for the most part by sophomore guard Melo Trimble along with a few other underclassmen. Trimble has not offically entered the draft but fellow stars Diamond Stone and Robert Carter have hired agents so it looks like next year will be a rebuild in College Park.

Here is an in-depth look at each of the players departing due to their eligibility running out.

Maryland's 2016 Senior Class

--Jake Layman

Similar to the Terps this season, Jake Layman never met the exceptions put on him coming out of high school. As a four star recruit from Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, MA, Mark Turegon and the fans had hopes for Layman as a star, they only got a role player.

Jake Layman saw his scoring average jump from 5 to 12 points in his sophomore season but never got it above 13 as an upperclassman. He was an average rebounder throughout his career at about five per game.

Layman was a solid player throughout his career. The reason that word keeps coming up is because thats all that comes to mind. He was 3rd team All Big-Ten in 2015, he would have been a late second round pick after his junior year. Now? A fringe selection, Chad Ford has him as the 56th prospect, so it will be interesting to see if he will be selected.

--Rasheed Sulaimon

What a career for Rasheed Sulaimon. Everyone knows by now, he was the first and only player ever to be dismissed from a Coach K team. Nonetheless, even with the question marks, Sulaimon was able to get one more chance thanks to his close ties with Mark Turgeon.

It was clear from the get go that Sulaimon was a leader on and off the court. He produced on the court, scoring 11 points a game and played very good defense throughout the year. His presence will be missed both on and off the court.

--Varun Ram and Trevor Anzmann

Both Ram and Anzmann round out the class as guys that came on mid way through their careers. Ram actually had two senior days in his career. Anzmann was a walk on starting to 2014, and after spending one year on the women's basketball scout team. Ram who was a member of the Terps for the last three years actually played some significant minutes this past year as a defensive pest.

Nonetheless, both provided leadership on and off the court and Ram really turned into a fan favorite later in his career, so he will be missed dearly by Terp fans.


These seniors weren't the main reason the team may have underachieved this season, but it is what they will be remembered for. Layman and Sulaimon will probably have a future somewhere if not the NBA.