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Big Ten Basketball Podcast: NBA Draft Returns and Early Look To Next Season

The BTPowerhouse staff chats about the Big Ten's recent NBA Draft returns and takes a brief look at next season and how the conference standings might look.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The BTP Podcast returns to discuss some of the Big Ten's recent NBA Draft decisions, some of the key returns, and to take a brief look at next season's standings. To help facilitate discussion, BTPowerhouse Editor-in-Chief Thomas Beindit hosts the podcast and Gianna Marshall joins.

You can check out all the Podcasts here.

In this episode, we discuss:

* All the key Big Ten NBA Draft returns

* Implications of each NBA Draft return

* Which teams should compete for the Big Ten title

* Potential NCAA Tournament contenders

* Some of the potential darkhorses

* When some of the lower-tier teams can turn things around

And more!