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Big Ten Basketball Podcast: NBA Draft Decisions, Mike Thorne, and Commitments

The BTPowerhouse staff chats about the Big Ten's recent NBA Draft decisions, the Mike Thorne announcement, and some of the conference's recent commitments.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

The BTP Podcast returns to breakdown some of the Big Ten's recent underclassmen NBA decisions, the status of Mike Thorne, and some key commitments. To help facilitate discussion, BTPowerhouse Editor-in-Chief Thomas Beindit hosts the podcast and Ryan Blevins joins.

You can check out all the Podcasts here.

In this episode, we discuss:

* Peter Jok, Corey Sanders, and Trevor Thompson returning to school

* Some of the other key Big Ten decisions remaining

* Impact of these decisions on the conference

* Mike Thorne's NCAA announcement and its impact

* Nebraska's pickup of a big man

* Wisconsin's outlook with Nathan Reuvers

And more!