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Indiana Hoosiers Scholarship Breakdown: Troy Williams' NBA Decision Could Complicate Things

It's simple; Troy Williams leaves for the NBA Draft and the Hoosiers are left with 13 scholarship players, if he comes back, well...

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The Indiana Hoosiers and Tom Crean have made it a habit over the past half-decade to over-sign players leaving one or multiple guys out in the cold each off-season. Some years, players made the decisions easy with poor off-court choices. Other years, that was not the case. This year's scholarship situation could go either way at this point, and the tone of the rest of Indiana's off season will be determined when Troy Williams makes his NBA Draft decisions within the next week.

At this point it seems to be still 50-50 on whether or not Williams returns to IU.

While these charts are typically nice and easy, IU's current state of limbo with Williams, Freddie McSwain has been listed as the one over-sign, simply because he is the latest commitment.

Scholarship Number


Years of Eligibility


Troy Williams



Collin Hartman



Josh Newkirk



James Blackmon Jr.



Robert Johnson



Tim Priller



O.G. Anunoby



Thomas Bryant



Juwan Morgan



Curtis ‘Cujo' Jones



Devonte Green



Grant Gelon



De'Ron Davis


Over-sign 1

Freddie McSwain


Collin Hartman is the only other senior next season for the Hoosiers. Hartman appeared to suffer no adverse effects to his game following a serious knee injury in March of 2105, as he averaged 5 points and 3.1 rebounds while playing nearly 22 minutes per game this past season.

The junior class will be guard-heavy for the Hoosiers next season with Robert Johnson, James Blackmon Jr., and Josh Newkirk. Both Johnson and Blackmon will be expected to bounce back from injury plagued years and be a major bulk of the Hoosiers' offense. Blackmon was averaging 15.8 points per game when his season was cut short just 13 games in. Newkirik, a Pitt transfer, is the only true point guard on the roster.

Freddie McSwain is Indiana's latest commitment, coming from Neosho County Community College, and will have two years of eligibility to work with. Tim Priller rounds out the junior class, and while a student section favorite, Priller has played just 40 minutes total over his first two season. If Troy Williams decides to come back to IU, Priller will have a lot of eyes staring intently with a, "so do you still plan on hanging out," expression on the faces of said eyes.

Indiana's sophomore class may be the biggest reason for the hype going into next season. Thomas Bryant will return for a second season and try to improve on his just under 12 points and 6 rebounds per game while shooting over 68-percent from the floor. O.G. Anunoby was the biggest surprise for the Hoosiers last season, Anunuoby stepped up following Blackmon's injury, scoring in double figures five separate times. He was impressive enough that there were even some NBA mumbling surrounding him.

Juwan Morgan is the third and final piece of the sophomore class. Morgan played over nine minutes per in 30 appearances, averaging 2.4 points. Morgan suffered from a separated shoulder late in the conference season, but will be expected to be a major role player next season.

The incoming freshmen are certainly not the hype train in Bloomington. Curtis Jones and De'Ron Davis are both ESPN Top 100 players and shooting guards Grant Gelon and Devonte Green make up the rest of the Hoosiers' roster.

We will update this if Williams does decide to come back, regardless, the Hoosiers look poised to make a serious defense of their Big Ten title.