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2016 NBA Draft Breakdown: Bryn Forbes

After transferring from Cleveland State after his sophomore season, Bryn Forbes proved he belonged in the Big Ten in his time at Michigan State. But will the elite level shooting he showed as a Spartan put him in the conversation for the 2016 NBA Draft?

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Some guys find a role as an NBA player by becoming a jack-of-all-trades and doing whatever is needed from his team. This very well may be what Denzel Valentine becomes at the next level. Others in the league become a specialist, using one elite skill to carve out a niche in the league. If Valentine's fellow Michigan State teammate Bryn Forbes is going to play at the highest level, this will likely be his path.

At the moment, you won't see Forbes in many - if any - mock drafts out there. Draft Express currently has him listed as the 37th best senior prospect.


Forbes not only made the most three-pointers in the Big Ten this year, but he also shot the highest percentage by a wide margin. Nationally, Forbes was ninth in the country in three-point percentage and highest of any of the 100+ who attempted more than 180. This will be his ticket to the NBA if he gets one.

Forbes isn't the Steph Curry-type to dribble his defender into a pretzel before launching a three. According to Hoop Math, 96.4% of Forbes' made threes were assisted, which means 108 of his 112 made three-pointers were of the catch-and-shoot variety.

Before he got to Michigan State, Forbes wasn't always so one-dimensional offensively. During his freshman year with the Vikings he had an equal number of two-point and three-point attempts, compared to 67.9% of his attempts coming from outside the arc this past year. He showed this past year that he still has a decent mid-range game, hitting over 43% of his jumpers from that area.

Outside of his shooting, there's not one area that really stands out for Forbes. His turnover rate on offense was 10.1% - according to KenPom - which is incredibly low, but that's more due to the fact that he didn't pass all that often.


There are certainly a higher number of weaknesses to Forbes' game, but it's up for NBA teams to decide whether all the weaknesses outweigh his elite ability to make shots. They certainly didn't in college, but it's obviously a very different level of play in the pros.

Forbes got better as a defender over the years, but one would never consider an asset to his game. His lack of playmaking for others and preference for playing off the ball makes him a two-guard, but his 6-3, 190 frame would put him on the low-end of NBA size at that position. Forbes isn't a good rebounder either, even if you factor in his size.


The best-case scenario for Forbes is being selected in the late-second round. The most likely is that he ends up going undrafted and becoming a free agent. It would seem like a surprise if he wasn't at least on a summer league roster somewhere. Guys in that position have made rosters before. For Forbes, he'll have to find the right situation where a team is willing to use a spot on a guy they know will be a three-point specialist. Otherwise, he can find a nice career overseas or in the D-League, if he so chooses.