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The Impact Of Robert Carter's Departure

Robert Carter is foregoing his senior season for the Maryland Terrapins and declaring for the NBA draft. The Terps could be losing their whole starting lineup from last season and Carter's departure is going to hurt the Terps.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Carter had a pretty impressive season for the Maryland Terrapins and he helped the team out in a variety of ways. On the offensive end, he could score from just about anywhere on the floor. He is listed as a power forward, which means he can bully players down low with his size and score, but he can also step out and knock down the mid-range jumpshot and shots from beyond the arc. He shot 56.1 percent from the field this season and 34.2 percent from deep. Carter also averaged 12.3 PPG, and 6.9 RPG on a pretty loaded Maryland team.

Carter will certainly be missed by the Terrapins because the team really has no force down the in frontcourt anymore. Jake Layman graduated and Diamond Stone just recently decided that he was going to declare for the NBA draft and hire an agent (which means he is not coming back). Melo Trimble also recently decided that he was going to declare for the NBA draft, but he might be coming back because he is not hiring an agent.

Next season the Terps are going to look very different with a lot of new faces in the spotlight because two key players graduated and because their other three key players declared for the draft. The worst case scenario for the Terps is if they lose every single key player from last season, which could happen. Carter has decided to declare for the NBA draft and hire an agent so he will not be coming back for next season. Now the question is how will his departure truly affect the Terps?

Carter's Departure Impact

Carter leaving might be the biggest loss for the Terps, unless Melo Trimble decides to actually play in the NBA next season. Carter is very versatile on both ends of the floor which is why he is so valuable. He can score inside, and outside. He is pretty good on defense because of his size and he has the ability to cover big centers or power forwards because he has great size. He really did improve his conditioning this season and he showed that he could play at a high level for the entirety of games.

The Terps will truly miss the fact that can get the team big buckets when they need him. He was arguably the most reliable scorer on the team and if the Terps were struggling, Carter would usually get them going with his offense.


The Terps are probably going to look a lot different next year and a big reason why is because Robert Carter will not be in a Maryland uniform. Carter became one of the most consistent scorers on the team and he played with the most fire, which really helped this Maryland team out. Carter deserved much more credit for the success of Maryland's season and the Terps are going to have a hard time replacing such a versatile player like Carter in the frontcourt.

The Terps are going to look very different next year, especially if Trimble leaves for good, and the loss of Carter's versatility is not going to be easy to replace.