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2016 NBA Draft Breakdown: Adam Woodbury

Adam Woodbury drafted? Probably not.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Woodbury was one spot ahead of Willie Cauley Stein coming out of high school according to ESPN. Unfortunately it doesn't look like he will be picked anywhere close to as high as WCS (#6 overall in last years draft) or even picked at all. Adam Woodbury is often viewed as the blue-chip recruit who never lived up to expectations. Coming out East High School in Sioux City, IA, he was a top 40 recruit who stayed local going to Iowa even though Roy Williams was calling from Chapel Hill. The 7-foot-1 center played four years in his home state and is among a handful of Hawkeyes who helped push the program to three straight NCAA tournament appearances.

If Woodbury is going to make the NBA, he'll have to most likely do it the hard way: going undrafted, playing in the summer league, and making a roster during training camp. You won't find him on any mock drafts on the reputable draft sites out there. He isn't even in the top 100 on any prospect rankings.


Adam Woodbury improved every year in his four in Iowa City. His scoring numbers went from 4.9 to 7.7 and on the glass he went from 3.8 to 8.5 in his senior year. He started 137 out of 138 career games and played in 138 consecutive games, which ranks second most in school history. Just from those numbers you can tell that Woodbury is very durable and dependable.

Although durability is important, Woodbury's biggest strength lies on the glass. He had the most offensive rebounds in the conference, and was second in offensive rebound percentage. His 8.3 total rebounds per game were the most in the Big Ten. Being over seven feet helps but it took him till his senior year to figure it all out.


Athleticism and eye poking would be the two that come to mind. Woodbury poked Frank Kaminsky, Nigel Hayes and Melo Trimble in the eye in separate games over the past two seasons, putting him in the national spotlight for the wrong reasons. Dan Dakich, ESPN announcer, wanted him suspended for his actions at one point and made it clear during a telecast.

In the nicest way possible Adam Woodbury just doesn't have enough athletic ability to make it in the NBA. It is clear to both myself and all other scouting websites out there that Woodbury wouldn't make it a day in the NBA. Woodbury will go down as a great player to Hawkeye fans but he will not be able to take it to the next level based on athleticism alone.


It looks as though Adam Woodbury will not be picked in the 2016 NBA Draft and that his buzzer beater in this past NCAA Tournament might be the finest moment of his career. It would be an utter shock to see a team use a pick on him in the draft. Chad Ford of ESPN has him 217 overall in terms of prospects even though his college career was very solid. Odds are in favor of him spending next year and many more overseas.