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BTPowerhouse's 3/5 Big Ten Tournament Bracketology: Michigan State Spartans Clinch Spot

BTP takes a look at the current Big Ten Tournament bracket.

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With Saturday's set of games, the Big Ten now has just one day left of regular season play. Things are certainly winding down, but nonetheless, that final day should be huge with plenty of top teams in the Big Ten battling it out. It should be a great day of conference play to setup the postseason.

With that, let's take a look at the Big Ten Tournament bracket.

The concept of the bracket is pretty simple. Each time, BTP will breakdown how the Big Ten Tournament projects as of that moment. For instance, today's bracket will be set as of the night of Saturday, March 5, 2016. I have taken the liberty of looking at the Big Ten records and using the Big Ten tiebreaker scenarios to see where teams will land. Things will certainly move, but it is still interesting to see as of this moment. Let's take a look.

2016 Big Ten Tournament Bracket (3/5):

3-5-16 btt bracket


To start, it's worth noting that a group of teams have already locked in spots in this year's Big Ten Tournament. Those teams are Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota, and Rutgers. Still, even with those six teams grabbing spots, there's still a lot left to be determined.

At the top of the bracket, the top two spots are now secured with Indiana at No. 1 and Michigan State at No. 2. However, everything else is wide open. With Indiana playing Maryland and Wisconsin traveling to face Purdue on Sunday, there's still plenty that could move around.

In the middle, the only significant changes were Ohio State and Michigan locking up the No. 7 and No. 8 seeds respectively. Everything else is open and will depend on the outcome of tomorrow's action. One thing to note for the Wolverines is that Michigan will be hoping for Penn State to grab the No. 9 seed given that the Nittany Lions have the strongest RPI of the Big Ten's lower teams.

At the bottom, there was no movement. Minnesota and Rutgers already clinched their spots and as such, the No. 13 and No. 14 seeds were already locked up. Illinois will likely be the No. 12 seed, but there will be quite a few moving pieces over the next 24 hours.

We'll have to see how tomorrow impacts things, but it looks like an exciting race in the Big Ten.